Jumbles Beanie Graphics

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Jumbles has reinstated her Beanie Graphics by Public Demand. Sorry, there are no plans for more releases, apart from the new ICQ Plus Skin below, but you are very welcome to use those created sometime ago, as long as you honour my terms of use. Thanks. Jumbles.August 1999

ants/loosy button set

early button set

fetch button set

fortune button set

glory/holiday button set

jabber button set

jake/stinger/kuku button set

princess button set

pumkin' button set

santa button set

scorch button set

canyon/tracker/whisper button set

take a set of buttons from above, and combine with the matching repeating background below!
(some combinations are lost in the web ether :( others use the repeating tiles on the side!)

repeating backgrounds/sidebars

the purpose of this page is to archive and collect old-web beanie graphics! wherever possible, every effort has been made to provide credit and links. some graphics have been orphaned from their roots however, so let me know if you have the answers to an unattributed (or wrongly-attributed) piece of art!