welcome to my beanie baby page!

hi i'm jamie and welcome to my collection page!

all graphics (currently!) on this index page were made by me! :)

☛ ☀ site updates ☀ ☚

25th November 2023:

  • new beanie babies collection - wild beanies! I had some fun in the backyard B)
  • its a work in progress but I've started writing up my wishlist
  • my computer is having some issues and i cant open a lot of programs, but hopefully I'll work out how to fix it soon and make some more gifs :B

20th November 2023:

  • oops haiatus! I've been kicking about a bit on a few pages!
  • it's full of placeholders, but I've put together the teenie beanie pages!
  • new fun page - crafts!

collection updates!!


I found a bunch of the 30th anniversary beanies on sale here in Aotearoa NZ!! so excited!!

most of this site is under construction!!!
updates will be posted periodically :)